Why I’m No Longer Using The Word “Woo”

Liz Roberta
3 min readNov 2, 2021

Woo is a word that I will no longer be using…

I used to use it until I realised what I was trying to say: that even though I believed in what I was saying, I felt like I needed to tone it down to make it acceptable to other people.

When we say “OK, this is a bit woo, but hear me out…”, what we’re really saying is “I know you think it’s silly so I’m going to pretend that I don’t believe in it as much as I actually do…”

What I’ve found is that as I’ve moved further and further along my spiritual journey, I care less about what other people think because I’m more sure of what I consider to be truth. As I experience more and tune in more to the spiritual world, it leaves less room for avoiding or denying certain things — even if other people can’t see them yet.

Whether it’s psychic senses, energy, law of attraction, or astrology, if that’s really what you believe then you don’t need to water it down with woo. It’s OK for you to believe what you want to believe if you think that it’s true.

Next time you feel yourself hesitantly putting forward an opinion and watering it down with the word woo, tune in to why you feel this is. From my own times using the woo word, it was because a witch wound was being triggered so I was scared to put forward a spiritual point of view.

But it’s this witch wound from our past lifetimes where we were persecuted for our beliefs (which was probably everyone reading this blog) that compels us to label our beliefs more safely as weird and woo instead of true.

How would it feel to remove the woo and just say what you really want to say?

How would it feel to give your advice — knowing that it’s what someone needs — without watering it down at all?

How else could you share your spiritual opinion while honouring the power that you know it has?

If we leave no room for the word woo, then we’re taking up all of the space available with our truth of what we believe to be right; and not only what we believe to be right, but what we believe to be helpful. That’s why we’re putting it forward in the first place.

So, this is just something to think about — and again, no judgement for using the word woo because I did too! Hence why I’m writing this, because I had the realisation of why I was actually doing it and why I have since stopped…

I believe that the spiritual point of view is becoming more and more normal, and soon there’ll be no need for the word woo because we won’t feel like we have to water down our ideas and opinions.

If you think something is going to heal and enlighten people, then just share it with the world without feeling like you need to acknowledge other people who think it’s silly.

If you don’t think it’s silly then say it because you think it’s true — without the word woo.

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Liz Roberta

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