Spiritual Burnout: What Is It And What Does It Look Like?

Liz Roberta
4 min readSep 9, 2020

Lightwork doesn’t always feel light. In fact, it can feel heavy and draining AF…

There are 2 main ways that spiritual burnout can happen to you:

  1. Taking too much in
  2. Giving too much out

I’ll talk about each of these in more detail so that you can become aware of them setting in (and spot if they already have).

Spiritual burnout is the feeling of being totally spiritually spent.

Like you’re scraping around at the bottom of your sacred inner well trying to find the water that used to be there. The thought of learning anything else or giving any more readings/healing sessions repels you. It’s like your soul is saying a flat… out… NO.

In the words of Cheryl Cole, “too much of anything will make you sick” and that is also true of spiritual work.

If you’ve been doing all of the courses and reading all of the books, you might get to a point where the idea of signing up to one more person’s free online challenge feels like literal hell on Earth.

There’s a key message when this happens: it’s time to listen to your intuition and implement what you’ve already learned instead.

Information overload can lead to intuition underheard.

If this type of spiritual burnout is happening to you right now, you can expect feelings of:

  • Your head wanting to explode
  • An urge to scream at the next ad you see for an online course
  • Wanting to swap your bedtime read for mindless TV instead

Of course it’s important to feed your brain and learn about different opinions, but the most important thing of all is YOUR brain and YOUR opinion. Investing too much of yourself in learning from other people can dilute your own inner voice and stop you from trusting yourself.

The truth is, you don’t need any validation from anyone else if you know what feels right for you.

Shut the book, click out of the online course, and see what YOU have to say instead when you’re feeling this type of spiritual burnout.

The other type of spiritual burnout creeps in while you are busy doing your spiritual work.

If you’ve been giving readings left, right and centre or had an influx of people who need your healing help, you have probably experienced this. It feels like:

  • You’ve lost the joy in doing your spiritual work
  • You’re longing for a break, and starting to actually wish for fewer bookings
  • Your intuitive messages are getting foggy, and your body feels like it needs to rest before healing anyone else

This one is tricky to tackle when you need to run your own business, so it’s all down to strategic planning to avoid it happening in the first place. This could mean only doing readings on certain days of the week or being ready to switch to a waitlist system as soon as you hit a certain number of client orders.

Raising your prices will also mean that you can enjoy serving fewer clients well, rather than trying to serve everyone while you run your own energy into the ground.

Especially as an empath, Projector, introvert or anything else which might predispose you to energy drain — planning how to avoid spiritual burnout is going to keep you doing your spiritual work for much longer and with far greater success.

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Have you experienced spiritual burnout before?

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