Numerology: The Secret Meaning of Angel Numbers

Liz Roberta
7 min readApr 17, 2019

If you are like me, then you see numbers all the time. And not just any old numbers — but numbers that stand out and repeat themselves over and over again…

How do they appear for you? Is 1111 always following you around, or are you used to seeing 888 before a payment lands in your bank account?

When I started noticing numbers, it began with 111 or 1111. It stuck out to me on clocks at 11.11am, on oven timers, and the journey time on Google Maps as I was driving. This was around the time that I started Millennial Manifestor and I was pleased for the confirmation.

Fast forward a few months, and my numbers have changed as my life has changed. As I prepare to move across the country and get married within the next 3 months, my numbers now signal endings and change.

What do your numbers mean to you? There are different definitions out there which can get confusing, so there’s no replacement for spotting your own trends and sequences and then linking it to what’s going on in your life at the time. After all, your Angels and guides are going to communicate with you in a way that will get your attention by being personally relevant to you.

If a particular number is following you around and you don’t know what it means yet, look it up below and see if the meaning feels right for you…

⋆☽ Angel Number 1 ☾⋆

Any variation of 1’s such as 11, 11.11 or 1111 is a clear signal that you’re on the right path and the Angels approve of where you’re trying to get to. For now, you can take comfort in the fact that you probably won’t be the recipient of an “Angel clang” any time soon, whereby everything which doesn’t serve you suddenly falls away to make way for a higher path.

Keep doing what you’re doing and keep your end goal clear in your mind. You are now moving towards it, and you have the support of your helpers on the other side to get you there in perfect Divine timing.

⋆☽ Angel Number 2 ☾⋆

The 2’s are a Divine symbol of patience and tell you to trust that everything will work out in the best timing possible. The wait is worthwhile because there are many things moving now which all need to align and slot together to create the perfect outcome for everyone involved.

The waiting game can be hard, but it’s an important part of the process which requires faith and firm belief in an assured outcome. To learn more about the importance of Divine timing and how it affects you, you can read this article.

⋆☽ Angel Number 3 ☾⋆

If you’re seeing the 3’s around you, then it’s a sign that your spiritual support team are with you at this moment. Pay attention to what you’re doing when this number shows up — it’s something that they approve of and are helping you with!

Some also say that 3 is a symbol of the holy trinity — Father, Son & Holy Spirit — so if you are religious or identify with this paradigm in some way (for example, being raised as a Christian) then again, it will be a sign that you have your spiritual supporters on side.

⋆☽ Angel Number 4 ☾⋆

The 4’s are pragmatic and practical, symbolising the physical reality of the tasks which must be done to effect change in your inner and outer worlds. If you are working through administration, repetitive tasks or anything which you’d rather not be doing, then know that you’re taking the right steps to get where you want to go.

It’s a fact of this human life that sometimes we have to tick things off which don’t ignite our soul, but the combination and completion of these dull tasks will elevate us to new heights in our reality. Seeing the 4’s when you’re busy working through something is a sign to say “keep going and don’t stop — you are nearly at the top!”

⋆☽ Angel Number 5 ☾⋆

Change is coming when you see the 5’s in succession. If you’ve been waiting and wishing for a change, then this is a promising confirmation that change is just around the corner! Expect your life to be shaken up in a positive way when you see 5’s over and over again.

Usually the 5’s will appear when you’re going through a life transformation, like a house move or job change, to confirm that the Angels know what’s going on and are still there to support you at all times.

⋆☽ Angel Number 6 ☾⋆

If the 6’s spark fear in you, take comfort in knowing that the Angel Number 6 is just asking you to seek balance across all areas of your life. If your attention is on work right now, focus on the tasks which bring you feelings of fun, freedom and joy. If you’re focusing on your family right now, then give time to your friends and spiritual practice also.

Rather than needing to be feared, the 6’s are looking out for you to prevent you from weighing too heavily in one part of your life. Stay balanced and your life can flourish in all areas as a result.

⋆☽ Angel Number 7 ☾⋆

Lucky 7’s! This is one of my favourite Angel Numbers to receive because it signals that you’re on the right path and, as a result, you will realise success in your current endeavours. There will be obstacles along the way — such is life — but with perseverance, hard work and faith, you will overcome them to emerge victorious with a strong sense of accomplishment.

Whatever you want is within reach, and by continuing your efforts to do the things which need to be done, you’ll get the results you are hoping for. You have the ability to overcome any challenge and you will experience the rewards of jumping over these hurdles.

⋆☽ Angel Number 8 ☾⋆

The 8’s bring up images of slot machines whirring and money shooting out into your hands! You can expect windfalls and financial abundance when recurring 8’s keep showing themselves to you. If you have been hoping and praying for more money in your life, the 8’s are a promising sign that more prosperity is on its way.

If you add gratitude whenever you see the 8’s and feel thankful for any incoming money — as well as your existing money — then you’ll magnetise even more to you by amplifying its energy. Abundance is sure to be yours when you see this numerology symbol!

⋆☽ Angel Number 9 ☾⋆

At the end of the Angel Numbers is one to symbolise endings. Something has come full circle, and you’re closing one door to open another. Release the old with gratitude to allow the new to enter and elevate you to a new way of life. Set yourself free from old thought patterns and beliefs, and expand into the greater version of you which is required to achieve greater things.

If you’re into Tarot, the 9’s symbolise “The World” card to me, which shows the completion of a cycle or life phase. Release and let loose an area of your life which is ready to be traded in for a new and improved version. You are being called to a higher plane, and your physical reality is shifting to allow this change to happen. Embrace the new which is coming and let go of the old!


You will always receive the messages which are meant for you at the time which is right for you. As I mentioned at the start, these are the meanings which have proven right for me, but if you keep seeing a number at a certain juncture in your life, then you’re getting a clear-cut sign to link these two things together.

Numbers will carry a personal meaning for you, so don’t ignore any feelings or associations which come up when you spot Angel numbers. They are there for a reason and they are guiding you safely along life’s journey!

What Angel numbers do you see the most? Are your meanings different to the ones I have given here? Let me know in the comments!

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