How To Clear Your Heart Chakra

Liz Roberta
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Issues with the energy flow in this chakra can make us feel alone, isolated and unable to connect because when we carry old energetic scars in our heart chakra, we feel afraid to share our feelings authentically for fear of getting hurt again.

We become guarded, sarcastic and “cold hearted”. A lot of our childhood wounds and disappointments get stuck here, shaping the way we behave as adults.

Some signs that it’s time for you to clear your heart chakra are:

💚 You feel uncomfortable sharing yourself authentically — on screen or in person — because you’re afraid of rejection.

💚 You hide from commitment in relationships, even if you’re not sure why.

💚 You have issues with giving or receiving affection; physically and/or verbally.

💚 You’re needy in relationships, because you want someone else to make up for the love that you don’t have for yourself.

💚 You have a habit of pushing people away through your words and actions, because part of you is scared of getting close to them.

💚 People have a perception that you’re tough or unemotional, when on the inside you know that you’re actually very sensitive — you just don’t show that part to people.

💚 You have physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, poor circulation, heart pain, angina, or even problems with your lungs, like asthma.

If any of these symptoms resonate with you, it’s time to focus on healing and balancing your heart chakra. Here’s how you can clear out any stuck, old energy from this centre…

This is always my go-to when I need a general energy refresh and any type of chakra clearing. I would also include Reiki healing within this method.

When I did my Reiki qualification, my teacher sent me a 40-minute audio to use for my own Reiki self-clearings and the impact that it’s had on my energy has been profound. I’ve literally seen changes in the physical world from things manifesting SO much faster after clearing out my chakras with a meditation. I made a shorter cord cutting meditation which you can use to clear your energy faster.

There are also chakra clearing meditations on YouTube that focus specifically on the heart chakra. You’ll just need to make sure that you set aside some quiet time to yourself to listen lying down, and that you can find someone whose voice you like the sound of.

There are crystals that resonate with every chakra, and for the heart chakra, it’s especially easy to use them because you can wear them under your clothes on a necklace all day long without anyone noticing.

Another way to use crystals for clearing chakra energy is to lie down and place a crystal (or crystals) on that area of your body — in this case, your heart — while combining it with technique no.1. Reiki healers will often place crystals of each colour down their clients’ chakras, so you can do this too if you’re doing a self-clearing at home, and you can also lie with the crystals while you listen to a clearing meditation.

Green crystals which will work really well for stimulating energy flow through your heart chakra are: 💚 Emerald 💚 Jade 💚 Malachite 💚 Green tourmaline

Each chakra has a colour associated with it, and for the heart chakra, it’s green.

It’s a common belief that eating foods of the same colour as the chakra you’re trying to heal can balance the energy flow around that area. This means that to heal the heart chakra, or “Anahata”, you should stock up on foods like: 🥬 Spinach 🥬 Kale 🥬 Broccoli 🥬 Matcha 🥬 Green apples 🥬 Green tea 🥬 Chlorella supplement

Breathwork will work better here than on any other chakra because it’s the energy centre most linked to the lungs. Anahata (the Sanskrit name for this centre) is also associated with the natural element of air.

One breathwork exercise you can do to send light, healing energy to your heart centre is called Vyana Vayu.

  1. Sit comfortably with your back straight, either on your bed or a pillow on the floor.
  2. Hold your hands in the prayer position, “Anjali mudra”, over your heart centre. Focus intently on someone or something that you truly love. Allow yourself to be engulfed by those feelings of love and imagine that feeling shining out of you and filling your aura. This gets your heart centre glowing and flowing.
  3. Then breathe in deeply through your nose as you open your hands and arms out to the side as wide as you can, opening your chest fully. Imagine healing white light flowing through your heart and blending with the green energy of your heart centre.
  4. Take a long exhale while bringing your arms and hands back into prayer position at the heart centre.
  5. Continue this flow 10–15 times focusing on the strong feelings of love as much as you can.

By the end, you should feel instantly better, in addition to the longer term benefits that Vyana Vayu can have for clearing your heart centre. Prayanama is also known to strengthen your lungs and circulation, as well as having mental health benefits.

Yoga poses, or “asanas”, that open the chest such as Eagle Pose and backbends can also help to open up the energy flow through your heart chakra.

When our heart chakra is out of whack it can make us judgemental, bitter, and prone to holding onto grudges. Making an effort to practice forgiveness will open up your heart and work like a Teflon layer, making it so much harder for any low vibration energy to stick around there.

Choosing to hold on to old hurt and anger by refusing to forgive only hurts you in the long run. It keeps you stuck in the past and unable to move into the future.

There are so many ways to practice forgiveness as an energetic release, and it starts today in your everyday life. Let go of things that you do or say wrong, without holding on to mistakes and making them mean something about you — forgive yourself instead.

Then you can start to forgive other people, either on your own with a practice like Hoʻoponopono prayer or with a professional counsellor who can guide you through regressions or inner child work. Being genuinely willing to forgive people who have been unfair to you will expand your heart chakra exponentially, while making you much less afraid to get hurt again.

I wrote about 8 Reasons To Forgive The Person Who Hurt You The Most (it’s one of my most read blogs ever) which you can read here.

The last tip is to massage some essential oils into your chest before you go to bed at night. Some essential oils which are known for opening up the heart chakra are 1) Palmarossa and 2) Geranium.

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I hope these tips help you to experience the energetic and physical changes of having a balanced heart chakra. Subscribe to the blog at the bottom of the page and follow me on Instagram to know when the next energy centre of the Chakra Series comes out!

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