How Decluttering Can Transform Your Home and Happiness

Liz Roberta
4 min readNov 27, 2019

Shopping was my kryptonite.

I always wanted more and more and more, and no amount of clothes, shoes or bags could ever be enough. This is what I was like pre-spiritual awakening…

I had a lot of intense energy and drive but nowhere for it to go outside of the office, so I channeled all of my extra energy into gaining mastery of the physical world and collecting as many beautiful things as I could. The satisfaction that I gained was fleeting and could never be fully satisfied. I didn’t know why I was here, and so I continued searching for myself within the parcels and packages that would arrive at my door each day.

You might have noticed that after awakening, it becomes a lot harder to reconcile the stuff with the spirituality. Once we’re able to see clearly, the outer world becomes less important and we recognise the temporary nature of our incarnation in this life; no amount of “stuff” can hold us here any longer than we’re meant to be. That’s why I think more of us than ever are feeling an urge to “get rid” and transform our homes into somewhere that we can feel free, rather than frustrated.

In the Autumn of 2018, it was time for me to jump on Marie Kondo’s bandwagon and clear the clutter. I was living in a large 4 bedroom, 3 story house and it was full; not messy, but I’d bought all of the furniture, fittings and ornaments to make it into a beautiful home for hosting guests and dinner parties every weekend. On top of that, I’d never fully moved out of my parent’s house and I had a literal “Monica cupboard” full of memories, old Walkmans, Halloween costumes and toiletry gifts from Christmases gone by (oh, so many toiletries…) that were now weighing heavily on my soul. I didn’t need all of this stuff, so how did it even get here!?

I was blind to how much I was tying myself down, as well as how much work I was creating for future me. Over the next 1.5 years, I committed fully to clearing out my house and also found that I was clearing my head in the process.

It’s so much easier to be clear-headed in a space where there’s less stuff. Fewer things to store, tidy and clean, and more time to think, write and breathe. In clearing out the house, I had the chance to sort through old memories and precious belongings that I’d forgotten I had — love letters from primary school boyfriends, festival bands from my teenage years, and pieces of jewellery that I never used to take off. By selling off the clutter piece by piece, I made over £1000 on Facebook marketplace alone!

That was enough to pay for 3 cleaners to clean the house, hiring a van overnight, and the first month’s rent for our new flat in Glastonbury. Just a few years ago, I would never have thought that I’d be happy in a smaller flat that we didn’t own but actually, I’m even happier than I was before. Partly because it means I’m one step closer to my biggest goal at the moment…

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have heard me say that actually being READY for what you’re trying to manifest is one of the most important things when applying the Law of Attraction in your life. You might also know that one of my biggest goals at the moment is to move abroad! Specifically, somewhere with blue skies and palm trees where I can live within a stone’s throw of a sandy beach 🌴

That’s why we’re renting now and why I have been decluttering down to only the things that we’ll take with us overseas. Having this big end goal at the front of my mind has kept me motivated to keep decluttering even when the task started to feel like it was never-ending. Now I can finally say that it was worth it because my home is clear, my head is clearer, and I’m finally ready to receive a manifestation that will completely change my life.

Decluttering is so much more than simply getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. It means you can let go of emotional baggage from the past versions of you and step forward into the future with a lighter load.

If you want to clear both your home and your head to start the new decade as a fresh version of you, know that it’s possible and that your effort will pay off dividends for your future and your manifesting power…

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