Become A Smash Hit By Being Spiritually Fit

Liz Roberta
2 min readNov 7, 2018


I bleach my hair, I whiten my teeth, I enjoy cheese and wine, and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t have my nails done. I also consider myself Super Spiritual.

Not only that, but spirituality has given me the confidence and unshakeable self-belief that anything I decide to achieve is possible! It is my born-right as a creator of my reality to bring into being anything which I feel will serve me and my life purpose here on Earth. The same is true for you too.

Why am I saying all of these things? I want you to know that your life choices, how you choose to look, and what you do on the weekends can never make you any less spiritual if you feel strongly connected to and guided by your connection to universal love. Just because of what you look like on the outside, there is no-one more spiritual than another. Absolutely everyone can benefit from the life-changing possibilities which await when you tap into the divine part of yourself.

Break the spiritual mould. The benefits of connecting with your highest, most spiritual self, are not reserved for far-out hippies, or vegans, or people that spend their Sunday’s doing yoga instead of having a hangover after a night out clubbing. The dogma that spirituality is reserved for a pious few is not only ridiculous but it is downright harmful, and mindbogglingly contradictory to the egalitarian nature of universal love. The universal power that we all connect to is not reserved for a higher “few” — it is meant for you, too.

I wish that everyone could hear and contemplate this message. If the world could experience this to be true, then I would die a happy lady. You all have divine, bright, beautiful power within, and you all have the right to make your wildest dreams come true. You can never be less-than, no matter what anyone says or does to you… You are all divinity realised here in the physical world.

It is your own journey to walk down and discover; it is not an exclusive club that you can only be a part of if you adhere to particular lifestyle choices. In fact, there is no club at all — we are all unique, beautiful individuals with our own life experience and lessons to learn. Your only job is to find out what those lessons are and then use them to better the world in line with your life purpose. Not to adhere to other people’s expectations of what your life should look like.

Be spiritually fit. Be a smash hit, and make your dreams come true.

Why wouldn’t you?

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