Are You An Earth Angel? Here’s 6 Signs That You Might Be…

Liz Roberta
5 min readOct 2, 2019

They walk among us.

The gentle souls who are here to make the world a better place…

Your local source of hope, healing and guidance towards the light, and you may find that you have a chance encounter with one exactly when you need them the most.

You might be using the term lightworker, healer or starseed to describe their nature, or you may see them as a separate being altogether — but how on earth do you spot an Earth Angel, and is there a chance that you could be one?

If you’re an Earth Angel, you may find that people describe you as a wise old soul with a worldly (or otherworldly) presence. Earth Angels incarnate with a huge amount of wisdom so that they can contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Earth Angels are acutely aware of how the Universe works and are likely to have a keen interest in philosophy, spirituality and metaphysical matters. They have a thirst for understanding the human mind and feel compelled to learn as much as possible during their time here, while sharing what they already know.

We all come to Earth for a reason, but Earth Angels are likely to remember theirs earlier than most. If you’ve always felt a strong sense of purpose and a deep burning need to find meaning in your life, then you may well be an Earth Angel on a mission to elevate the world.

Even if you don’t know exactly what your calling is yet, if you’re an Earth Angel then you’ll know that you’re here with a very important job to do. Your soul has been sent here with one big mission, and it’s now your task to figure out what that is…

Whether you already identify as an empath, indigo or intuitive — if you’re an Earth Angel, you will have a finely attuned sensitivity. You need these skills to accurately assess what you have to fix in the world and you may also discover that you have gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and/or claircognizance (a psychic sense of knowing).

This extreme sensitivity could mean that you always feel different to other people, and it may seem like it’s harder for you to ‘fit in’ and integrate your spiritual and physical life. You’re not alone in this and it’s a common predicament that Earth Angels feel. You’re not meant to fit in, as you’re meant to be different — if you were the same as everyone else then it would be a waste of your special gifts.

To understand pain means to go through it yourself, and Earth Angels can’t get to work healing others unless they know what they’re dealing with. If you have endured a troubled past with lots of ups and downs, it’s likely that you’ve graduated from Earth Angel school without realising.

Try to stop seeing your pain as a curse and start to see how it could be helping others. Everything happens for a reason, so if you’re able to sense what other people are feeling then it’s probably because you’ve felt the full spectrum of human emotions. This makes you a beautifully empathetic healer, so use your experiences for the benefit of others and find the purpose hiding within your past pain.

An Earth Angel’s own journey through pain means that they’re fully equipped to help others. What are you now an expert in healing, because you have managed to heal yourself first? If you’re an Earth Angel, you will naturally look for ways to help others in either a physical sense (eg, medically) or a spiritual sense.

As you’ll feel the pain of others so acutely, you’ll also have an intense desire to make suffering go away. You’ll want your life to mean something and you’ll have a heartfelt desire to bring about positive change in the world. The question that all Earth Angels need to ask themselves is: how am I uniquely qualified to heal others?

Despite everything that they’ve gone through — from a troubled past to never fully fitting in — Earth Angels will have an endless supply of faith in humanity. Mainly because they know what humans are truly capable of! The Universal wisdom that they have access to will enable them to see the beauty that everyone possesses at a soul level.

If you’re someone who finds it easy to love and forgive people no matter what they’ve done — then you’re likely to be an Earth Angel. This loving faith that can’t be broken is what will inspire you to heal everyone and anyone, while treating them all with the same amount of care and respect.

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So, do these 6 signs resonate with you? Do you think you might be an Earth Angel?

Whether you are or not, we’re all here with a unique purpose and a calling that we have to answer to. Your skills and experiences have been preparing you for the fulfilment of your mission on Earth, and when you align with what your soul is here to do, you’ll manifest more quickly and easily than you ever have before!

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