6 Signs That You Have Empathic Overload

Liz Roberta
5 min readJun 24, 2020

Liz Roberta, a Spiritual Coach who writes the Millennial Manifestor blog, helps you protect & connect with your intuition by avoiding overwhelm…

If you’re an empath, you have been given a gift. Your sensitivity can be a wonderful tool for connecting people with the light, but it can be hard to spot when you’re gradually becoming burdened with other people’s emotions.

To know if this is happening to you, check to see if you’re feeling any of these 6 symptoms…

Have you been struggling to connect with your intuition and psychic abilities recently?

If so, it could be a sign that other people’s emotional energy is clouding your spiritual sight. Staying in a high energetic vibration is so important for maintaining a clear psychic connection; carrying other people’s dark energy in your aura acts like a thick fog on your intuitive highway to the Divine.

Keep your spiritual gifts active and finely tuned by having strong energetic boundaries, because often people struggling for Divine connection will unknowingly attach to your energy and use it as a conduit.

Want to hide away and spend more time by yourself than usual?

Retreating into hermit mode can feel tempting when your soul is tired from carrying the extra weight of other people’s emotions, so watch out for withdrawal as a sign that you need to check in with your boundaries.

By noticing what friendships and relationships are weighing you down, you can start to limit the time that you spend with these people. At any moment, you can say to the Angels in your mind: “Wrap your loving wings around me and help me to feel my own emotions.”

Are you prone to aches, pains and irritating illnesses?

If you’re someone who always has a cough or cold, for example, then it could be a warning sign that you’re letting in too much energy which isn’t your own. Over time, this low vibration energy can build up until it manifests as a blockage in one of your chakras and causes you to become ill.

The most commonly affected chakra is the throat, when empaths don’t say what needs to be said for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or harming a relationship. Your body will lovingly give you warnings to tell you that you’re energetically overloaded.

Have you been taking longer than usual to decide because you’re struggling to pick a direction?

Confusion is to be expected when you have empathic overload! Picking up on everyone else’s energies can be bewildering for your intuition and mean that you’re prioritising other people’s emotions ahead of your own.

Doing what’s right for you can be hard as an empath if it means giving someone else less than the best, but you need to be the master of your own fate. With better boundaries in place, the cloudy path to what you really want will become clearer.

Have you been feeling low, worried and anxious?

When the emotions we’ve collected don’t know which way to go, they can manifest in a way that will force us to stop and name them. It’s normal to experience more negative emotions than usual when you have empathic overload, but, while feeling other people’s stress is a sign of your compassion — it isn’t particularly productive.

Ground your energy and refocus any thoughts which are making you feel unstable or unsupported.

With these feelings of confusion and anxiety, it’s harder to maintain the high energetic vibration that you need for easy manifesting.

If you’re finding it more difficult than usual to attract what you want, or you’re attracting results that are slightly “off” from what you’ve been asking for, the Law of Attraction could be telling you something.

Keeping your energy light and free from other people’s burdens will ensure that you’re a magnet for abundance!

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So, do these signs sound true for you?

If you’re experiencing 3 or more of them at the same time, it’s likely that you’re becoming overwhelmed by your Divine gift of sensitivity.

Remember to cleanse your energy body regularly and keep your boundaries strong; your energy is your best tool for making an impact.

Make Your Energy Your Own Again…

When you don’t know how to let go of what’s not yours, ask the Angelic realm for assistance. They can see what you’re carrying and will lighten the load.

Ask Archangel Michael to set you free with this simple request, repeated out loud or in your mind as you sit quietly in meditation: “Archangel Michael, please cut the cords connecting me to any energy which doesn’t serve me. Lift the load so that I can raise my vibration and shine brightly again.”

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