5 Tips for Using the Law of Attraction

Liz Roberta
4 min readNov 11, 2020

As it’s an 11/11 portal today, it felt like a good time to give you some of my top manifesting tips…

If something that we want eludes us, it’s usually because we’re not doing one of these or it’s just not the right time yet.

When you’re trying to manifest something, today or on any other day, make sure you’re using these 5 tips to get your energy in alignment with exactly what you desire ↓

As you’ll know if you’ve experienced karma before, everything that we send out to the Universe will come back to us at some point.

Sometimes in multiples of what we gave out in the first place!

If you intend to give generously for the benefit of others with a loving and open heart, you’ll naturally find that miracles start happening for you. Be the best person you can be and over time you’ll find that you become a magnet for good fortune.

Gratitude is the energetic accelerator you need if you’re hoping to speed up the Law of Attraction.

The Universe waits for a nod of approval from you before it will send you any more — so confirm receipt of the manifestations you already have by setting aside time each day to appreciate them.

Feeling thankful will also raise your overall energetic vibration and make it easier for you to attract exciting new gifts from the Universe.

If the Universe doesn’t know exactly what you want, it becomes very difficult to deliver it to you.

Confusing communication of your desires is a great big no-no when it comes to applying the Law of Attraction in your life.

What do you want, and why? What will you use it for? Who will it benefit? What colour, size, and quantity do you need? Get super specific so that your manifestation meets your expectations when it arrives.

To follow on from the last tip, when making specific demands, it can be really helpful to physically write them down.

Write in your journal or on a page: “Dear Universe, I would like…” and then end your request with a statement of gratitude such as: “Thank you Universe for delivering my desires”.

This action of putting your desires onto a page will make them firm in your mind and clear for the Law of Attraction to reply to.

Letting go is the final top tip that often gets forgotten…

Holding on to something tightly shows a lack of faith, and most of your manifesting power comes from believing that something is possible.

Once you have written your manifest request to the Universe, close the journal or fold up the paper and put it away in a drawer where you can forget about it.

Trust that what you want is on the way and know that the Law of Attraction always responds to the energy you’re giving out!

To make your intentions super clear to the Universe, you can use this free 11.11 Manifest Request wishlist…

Print it here and write down everything that you want to create in your life over the next year.

Happy Manifesting! ✨

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