3 Letter Word To Transform Your Manifesting

Liz Roberta
3 min readMar 6, 2019

I’m going to take a stab in the dark…

You probably finished The Secret with a head full of new ideas about what you were going to create, and watching or reading The Secret was your first foray into the world of manifesting.

This is certainly how my journey started, and I’ve heard the same story from many other manifestors that I’ve spoken to!

But even if it didn’t begin this way for you, we all start our manifesting journey in a similar way: “I want it and I will have it by x. This is not wrong, and a lot of the time will still work, but there’s a key word which can take our manifesting from 0→100 and make the process far more enjoyable.

When we’re so focused on our own wants and timelines, we can leave out an important player and get limited by our own desires. This means that when it doesn’t appear, we get frustrated and impatient. We think, “where is it and why hasn’t it shown up? Even after giving it my most intense energy and focus?”

Time to shift gears with these 3 letters…

If it’s the best thing for you and the greater good as an interconnected whole, then it will show up — it just hasn’t done so yet.

Our own timeline can be hurried and ignorant to what is going on around us because we can’t possibly reach all information at all times in our human form. The greater forces around us are lining up people, places and events in the most loving, benevolent way possible. If it were to happen our way, then it would filter through all of our own limits and fears without benefiting the maximum number of lives at each interaction.

The best things can take the longest time. But sometimes we jeopardise them being able to enter at all because we give up on our own creations too soon. Just because something that you wanted hasn’t arrived, or it hasn’t arrived by your deadline, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it — it just means that you don’t have it yet.

When I wrote my goals for end-November and end-2018, some of them didn’t come through when I had planned them to; but I’m still ticking them off one by one. In the process, I’m finding myself feeling more grateful for them now because I can appreciate how things have lined up so perfectly, reminding me that I’m just a tiny cog in a cosmic machine.

As much as we’d like to add a time limit to our manifestations, they are exactly that: a limit.

Trust in the Universe will make the course of creation far simpler and smoother, without impatience showing up as a manifestation of fear. If something hasn’t arrived when you thought that it would, then trust wholeheartedly that it’s either because the Universe has exchanged it for something better, or it simply hasn’t turned up yet.

Yet is a statement of faith in the Universe, to confirm that everything is always working in your favour. Yet leaves the door open for cosmic alignment and happy coincidences. Yet makes it possible to achieve temporal perfection.

If there is something that you think you need, but do not have — then believe that you will get it, just not quite yet.

If something is right for you and it’s in your best interest with all other things considered, then know that it will turn up for you at a time more perfect than you could have ever planned. Just not yet.

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Liz Roberta

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